Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is the One Command?

Six-steps to the theta state
  • The One Command® that stops limitation, and attracts your wealth
  • To operate in theta and reach that greater capacity within you
  • To instantly create cash and goods
  • Program your DNA for Wealth
  • Remove the beliefs that keep you in strife, and struggle
  • To be rich and at peace with yourself and the world
  • To create and realize all your dreams, daily
  • Amazing Stories from The One Command:

    Participants are reporting unexpected cash and checks arriving in the mail when they attend and even before - when they simply make the commitment to attend.


    Asara Lovejoy, world renowned speaker, consultant, author of The One Command; founder of Commanding explains how to reach theta in moments, the brain wave of millionaires and the rich and contented. You discover portions of your mind where you create your success and stop your negative thoughts dead in the water. Learn how 58 year old Ruby went from disability to $4,000 in 3 weeks and Aeron reduced his $42,000 debt to 0.

    This information is like nothing you have ever heard before. Take a look at how this information will change your life... Click on the One Command link for a peek:

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