Monday, August 2, 2010

Asara Lovejoy is having telecasts on the One Command

Asara Lovejoy author of The One Command says, We are not talking about something you have to learn, we are talking about a gift that is yours - it is all ready right within you.

Asara Lovejoy: I discovered that through 6-Easy Steps to theta, and The One Command®, you can stop your negative thoughts instantly, and allow your success blueprint to naturally rise to the surface.

Commanding Wealth!

Asara Lovejoy: I have discovered this simple truth - that you have been designed with greatness right within your own DNA for your success - and the path to that greatness is conscious contact with your powerful theta state of mind.

Through this process you find the One Command's next natural step arrives to bring your greatness into action within your life.

Asara Lovejoy: You all ready operate in many patterns of brain wave activity every day that engages different levels of awareness. Your level of awareness, determine the results you enjoy in achieving your hopes, wishes, dreams and desires.

By the simple technique of consciously thinking and reasoning while in your theta brain wave, you engage another level of your own intelligence and self-determination - one that is peaceful and easy, rather than allied with fear and constraint.

This information is like nothing you have ever heard before. Take a look at how this information will change your life...

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